How To Love Our Bodies The Way They’re Meant To Be


While it may be due to culture, we don’t necessarily look different or similar, because of our ethnicities or races. We possess certain physical characteristics directly due to our relatives or mostly our parents’ DNA. But, our relatives and ancestors at least partially share the same race and background, which explains the pattern of similar physical traits in humans of the same ethnicity. So there is some truth to the reason why people can guess whether you’re apart of a certain ethnicity, while there is more of a difference within humans of a certain ethnicity than humans over a wider range of ethnicities combined. Saying that, weight and body type may result due to genetics as well.

Like those who are European or Middle Eastern, Latinas tend to have that darker hair, darker skin, and – yes – more hourglass or pear-shaped bodies. Take Puerto Rican celeb Jennifer Lopez who has a derriere worth at least over a million dollars, along with her famous name – not to mention Salma Hayek, Selena (R.I.P.), and a few others. Latinas reportably have a higher chance of acquiring heart disease or other related illnesses (due to their body types), but perhaps, their metabolism is mostly genetic – not ethnic.

Some people also struggle with thyroid issues or disorders like PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome), where they are likely to become/stay overweight and it’s more difficult to lose weight. While being subjected to these illnesses may not justify unhealthy dietary habits, it could require more extensive periods of time, more effort and more restrictive regimens to achieve weight loss. Others should become aware of these issues and understand the challenges many confront because of it. The appropriate remedies, including medication, should be taken into consideration – aside from raising awareness of particular side effects. These disorders, however, could be hereditary.