How To Love Our Bodies The Way They’re Meant To Be

Body type

Body types can be genetic as much as they’re solely based on the individual. For example, my sister and I could differ in body type more than we do in facial features. Of course, this could apply to generally anything; but while body types range more over a wide demographic than we could compress in siblings, there are four basic body types that remain consistent in either situation. For example, a pear body type is a type of physique that stores majority of weight on the lower half – thereby producing larger glutes, thighs and hips in contrast to smaller stomachs, shoulders and sometimes even breasts ie. think Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, etc. Hourglass body types are considered the most symmetrical; consisting of a tinier waist with bigger curves, ahem, breasts and hips of similar measurements to balance proportions out. Britney Spears and more famously, Marilyn Monroe, are proud owners of this most “iconic figure.” Pun intended. Apple figures store more weight on their upper halves ie. stomach, and “straight” bodies lack defined waists or curves within their bodies – giving a more ‘straight” look.

Studies show it’s technically better to be pear or hourglass, since stomach fat is mostly linked to apple shapes, and stomach fat is more directly connected to diabetes or obesity. Ironically enough though, according to statistics, it’s actually healthier to be “slightly overweight” than of “normal weight,” because that extra weight provides more of a “metabolic cushion” when you’re older. It’s also better to have cellulite if you’re curvier like, for example, Beyonce; as opposed to a thinner star, like Audrina Patridge, because you have more room for the cellulite to distribute evenly over your body.