How To Love Our Bodies The Way They’re Meant To Be

“Set” weight

Models like Crystal Renn have discovered that our bodies always return to the weights their bodies are predetermined to be. Before Crystal Renn became a fashion model, she stood at 5’9 and 175 lbs – a weight appropriate for her height and body type. However, in order to become a straight size fashion model, she was asked to get herself down to a 34 inch waist – which led to her extreme dieting to a mere 98 lbs (that’s over a 70 lb weight loss) and a full-fledged eating disorder for the next few years. While Crystal continued her obsessive eating and exercise rituals, her weight rebelled at her agency’s dismay. When her body started climbing and hit 130 lbs – despite her eating disorder – Crystal couldn’t take it anymore. She accepted the opportunity to become a plus-size model and returned back to her size 12-14 figure. While Crystal may fluctuate from 160-175 lbs and has even hit a fit size 8 at one point or another, she points out in her book Hungry that every body is different and that her body returned back to her set weight – the weight she was meant to be. Even doctors have said: you could give one person an apple and they’d stay the same weight, while another could gain two pounds seemingly “just by looking at it.” Proof that we’re all different, and not all of us can become a size 2 – nor should we.