How To Love Our Bodies The Way They’re Meant To Be

Working with YOUR Body

While many factors may contribute to our weight and shape our body types, there are different ways to reach and emphasize the best bodies individually suited for each and every one of us. While personal trainers may focus on the value of weight training, we may disagree and realize different types of exercise work better for us – not just in terms of our fitness levels and preferences, but those activities and their effects on our body types/appearances. For example, Tracy Anderson – a celebrity-based personal trainer who has worked with everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Madonna – believes that utilizing weights may make her female clientele’s bodies look “bulkier,” explaining that any activation in a muscle may enlarge it. She’s even opposed to running and cycling, in fear of the risk of “thunder thighs.” Tracy’s method concentrates on dancing and molding a lean “dancer’s body.” But while running and gymnastics may be responsible for my everlasting “thunder thighs,” I realize I don’t have the luxury or space to dance on a daily basis. And even if I did, I don’t think every single person – including me – would be able to achieve a dancer’s body in every case. While dressing your body type may highlight certain areas and make you look “straighter” or your hips look smaller, you can’t necessarily fake it with exercise. You can’t change your body with a dash of black and a-line skirts; but you can make it look the best you want it to be and show that you’re proud of it!