A Breakup Letter To My Anxiety

It started off as one sleepless night, and I thought nothing of it. Then one night turned to two, then to three, and now I’ve lost count. You never sleep, so I guess you needed company. I would fight to fall asleep, but you had so much to say. So you continue talking and talking. It seems like we could never take a break. I would think that you were gone and then boom, you’d be right back.

When I first found out about who you were, I was stunned. Anxiety? What’s that? I was told that you caused minds to race. The feeling of nervousness and restlessness never subsides, and that was all thanks to you. Let’s not mention overthinking and overanalyzing almost every situation. There’s never a trigger, but just consistent mind racing. When a person has anxiety, they start to think that something is wrong with them, but trust me, there is nothing wrong with them. The problem will always be anxiety.