How To Take Care Of Your Skin This Summer

Drifter Organics Gold Mine Face Oil

Ingredients: prickly pear seed oil, jojoba seed oil, cranberry seed oil, reship oil, Vitamin E, and essential oils like vanilla and carrot seedBuy

Drifter Organics is an all-natural skincare brand that offers lip balms, face oils, and body butters all comprised of natural oils and ingredients. I’ve been using this Gold Mine Face Oil for a couple of months now and I truly adore it.

Not only does this face oil moisturize your skin, but it gives a nice glow too. The vanilla and carrot seed essential oils have a subtle but amazing scent, and I like to use it with my gua sha before bed.

The sun can be a killer and it can suck the moisture out of your face so fast, especially when or if you get a sunburn. Even if you have oily skin and the hot and humid summer months make it worse, it is important to keep your face moisturized and somewhat oiled-up to keep moisture in while you’re avoiding or healing from sunburn.