7+ At-Home Remedies To Help Keep Your Skin In Check

Be cautious of what you’re eating.

In other words, notice if there are foods that upset your stomach. Your stomach and digestive system correlate with your skin, so if you eat something bad for you, it will reflect through your skin.

For example, I have IBS, which means I am lactose intolerant and also allergic to lots of foods and certain ingredients. So, if I accidentally eat something with dairy or too much sucrose in it, I break out. So about 4 months ago, I decided to completely cut out dairy and cut back on eating sugar and processed foods. With this change, I noticed a huge difference in my skin: it was clear and glowing.

These at-home remedies are great even after this whole social distancing thing ends. Show yourself some love during this tough time and spend a couple hours in your bathroom. Who’s gonna stop you? No one!